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FORJ's first full studio recording - exploring creative ideas in an energetic and exciting way. Experience the beauty of the Welsh countryside, open-ended hazy thoughts, candlelit socials with friends, skyward searching and the only downside of a four-legged friend.  


OUR SPACE is our first full studio recording as a band and a real labour of love to share with you. Recorded in January 2021, this album explores a plethora of themes in the compositions and embraces the particular opportunities working in a creative recording studio affords. 

We are very grateful to Owain and Jodie for welcoming us to the amazing StudiOwz for a weekend and for making us feel so welcome in their home. Their generosity and homeliness has

been integral in creating the perfect atmosphere to record this music.

Special thanks to incredible designer and creator David Stanley for his studio photography, videography and the huge amount of editing in creating all the video, design and digital content

for this project.

Further thanks to Iza Korsak for her awesome photography skills and capturing the band at many sessions, both live and in the studio over the years.

Thanks to Arts Council England for supporting the creation of this music through their grant funding.


We hope you enjoy the music! 

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