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Curate your own bespoke FORJ recording - our debut release lets you pick your own track combination to create your personally chosen album download.


SKIRFARE is an attempt at challenging the normal process by which we record and release improvised music. 

The music is free to download from our purpose built website but there is an option afterwards to 'pay what you can'. You can also sign up to our mailing list to keep in touch with all future FORJ releases.


- SKIRFARE features 5 different compositions, each recorded 5 times.

- Each composition can lead in to any of the others - as a listener, you get to choose the album track order and this determines the recordings you get in your album.

- To make this choice, we created 25 bespoke collage artworks, each one representing a different recording. The slices of artwork you choose on our website will determine the track order. As you choose more artworks, you populate your album with recordings.

- Once you have chosen all 5 tracks, the option to download (WAVs/MP3s) will appear after which you can choose to 'pay what you can' towards the music.



There is nothing we recorded that you cannot hear. No editing, no choosing the best take, just honest sharing of improvisation. Hopefully it reflects some of the spirit of live improvising in recorded format.

You can download as many versions as you like - try out different track combinations and explore the different versions of each composition. 

We hope you enjoy the music! 

SKIRFARE is accompanied by a collection of unique and highly creative collages commissioned to support the release. Creative photography and design from David Stanley (GuriBosh) has produced a set of bespoke visual representations of the music: one collage represents every recording of every tune.

The segments of these individual collages chosen on our website form dedicated artwork unique to each version of the album. This is how the versions of your tracks are chosen.

Check out more of this incredible collage work here...

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